Kalon’s Message

Kalon’s Message

 Like any other civilization, the Tibetan people have also evolved with a unique culture, language and spiritual traditions. Our civilization dates back thousands of years and while the origin of our first king is documented being in 127 BC, our indigenous Bon religion’s scriptures mention having many more Kings before the renowned King of Tibetan Nyatri Tsenpo.

The most magnificent part of our history has been the development of a script and grammar by Thomi Sambota and the advent of Buddhism by eminent scholars such as Khenchen Shiwa-Tso, Guru Padmasambava, and Jowo Je Palden Atisha. It’s through the foresight, commitments and arduous efforts of the three great Dharma Kings – Songtsen Gampo, Trisong Deutsen and Tri Ralpa Chen – that we now possess voluminous valuable treasures of spiritual learning and a national culture imbued with a unique way of living highly influenced by the teachings of the Buddha.

The Department of Religion and Culture work entails the preservation and promotion of our rich religious and cultural heritage.

And in my capacity as Kalon, I shall wholeheartedly put forth every effort in accomplishing these goals.

With a focus on improving contacts with affiliated monastic institutions which are the backbone of preservation and promotion,

Bringing greater unity and understanding amongst our religious schools,

Plan & coordinate seminars and workshops for the future generations,

Develop and initiate contact with the other worldly religions,

And, Last but not the least, work on bringing greater international concern towards our culture which is facing increased genocide and repression in our own land.

May the Buddha Dharma spread far and wide across this world and our Spiritual Leaders live a Long Life for the benefit of Dharma and sentient beings!

With best wishes,

Pema Chonjor

Chorig Kalon

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