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Bedemølle i messing og kobber, med Avalokiteshwaras mantra, Om Mani Padme Hung, indgraveret på udsiden. Indeholder en tekstrulle med mantraet Om Mani Peme Hung skrevet 100.000 gange. Håndtag af rosentræ. Str.: længde: 21 cm, hjulet: 6 cm i diameter. Best. nr.: 9002

Prayerwheel in brass and copper, with Avalaokiteshwara’s mantra, Om Mani Peme Hung, engraved on the outside. Handle is made of Rosewood. Contains thousands of the mantra, OM Mani Peme Hung. Size: length: 21 cm, wheel: diam. 6 cm.

Pris: Kr. 275,00 + porto /Price: DKK 275, 00, + postage. Order no: 9002


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Priser for pins og stickers inkluderer porto.


Kalachakra symbol

Oval form, str.: h: 3 cm, b: 1, 8 cm. Pris kr. 30,00. Best. nr.: 9003


Tibetansk flag 

Str.: H: 1, 8 cm, B: 2,5 cm. Pris pr stk kr. 8,00. Best. nr.: 9004


Str. diam.: 3 cm. Pris kr. 30,00 + porto. Best. nr.: 9011.



Kort over Tibet som tibetansk flag

Str. diam.: 2 cm. Pris kr. 20,00. 9008



Namgyalma mantra bekyttende sticker

Beskyttende og velsignende mantra-sticker uden lim, fæster sig til alle glatte og rene overflader ved et let tryk. Str.: 5 cm i diameter. Pris: 60,00. 8020

English: Easy on easy off decal sticker. Available on yellow background.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche explains the benefits of this mantra sticker:

“The Namgyälma mantra is very powerful for purifying negative karma. Anyone who sees or touches this Namgyälma mantra sticker will have their negative karma purified. Even if someone is touched by the shadow of the car or house that has this sticker on it, their negative karma is purified. If you have it in the house or on your car, then all the animals and people who come into contact with your house or car are blessed. If you have the Namgyälma mantra above your house, for example on a banner prayer flag at the very top, then the negative karma of anyone who enters the house will be purified and they won’t be born in the lower realms.

If this mantra is in your car, then the negative karma of any animal that touches the car – that is killed in an accident or run over, including extremely tiny ones that you can’t see – is completely purified.

If this mantra is written on cloth or paper and placed on a mountain top or roof where the wind can blow it, whoever is touched by the wind receives blessings and their negative karma is purified. Circumambulating a stupa that contains this mantra purifies all the karma to be reborn in the hot hells. It is also excellent to put on the body of a person who is dying. This is one way that their negative karma can be purified.

I suggest that you put this mantra sticker on the ceiling in your house, or on the ceiling of your car. Also, you can give copies to other people in your community and explain the benefits of it. I have a few on the ceiling of my car, on the inside. It is good to have as many as possible, but you have to have some way to stick them to the inside ceiling, or you can put a few on the sun visor.”

Click here for additional advice on an easy way to benefit animals.

Attention: The surface of the glass must be clean and free from any residue that may be invisible.  Make sure that the window has been cleaned with a window cleaning solution. The unprinted side needs to be against the glass and the printing is viewed through the glass.

Kalachakra Symbol-sticker til beskyttelse mod negative energier, læs her: 


Sticker med HH Dalai Lama

Str. diam.: 10 cm. Pris: 20 kr. 9009


Sticker med HH Dalai Lama

Str. diam.: 11 cm. Pris: Kr. 20,00. 9010


Free Tibet-sticker

Str.: 7 x 21,5 cm. Pris kr.: 30,00. Best. nr.: 9012








Varene kan bestilles via email: eller pr. telefon: 20 30 38 18.

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