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Danish Tibetan Cultural Society, which has 350 members, was founded by the Tibetan lama Tarab Tulku Rinpoche (1934-2004) in 1985, who until his passing in 2004 was an associate professor at the University of Copenhagen and a research librarian at the Oriental Department of the Royal Library, of which he was head for 30 years.

Tarab Tulku Rinpoche (1934-2004)

The Danish Tibetan Cultural Society is politically and religiously independent, and works based on a conviction that Tibetans should also have the opportunity and the right to preserve and develop their own culture.

Our organization’s  main objectives are:

1) to promote knowledge of, and work for, the preservation of the Tibetan religion, language, science and culture. This work is done via articles in our member magazine, “Tibet”,  book-publications, social media and via lectures and teaching.

We also organize occasional performances and exhibitions by Tibetan artists, including performances by Lama dancers and Tibetan musicians, art exhibitions of Tibetan artists’ works, screenings of Tibetan-produced films and films about Tibet, building sand mandalas and more.

The company is also always co-organizers in connection with visits by H.H. Dalai Lama in Denmark.

2) to support Tibetans in Tibet and in exile financially, e.g. with support for education, to cover medical and hospital expenses, for daily expenses and survival, for the operation of nursing homes, help in connection with natural disasters and pandemics, and support for cultural projects, such as Tibetan football clubs, Tibetan-language newspapers, etc. We also provide financial support to monasteries, mainly to Tibetan nunneries, as these, unlike the monk-monasteries, often find it difficult to obtain sponsors.

     Thus we donate around DKK 100.000 to various projects in the Tibetan diaspora every year.

     Tibetan culture and religion are increasingly being oppressed by the country’s Chinese occupiers, where the teaching of the Tibetan languag is banned and is punishable by 15 years in prison, where more and more Tibetan monasteries, temples, Buddha statues and large prayer wheels, i.e. everything associated with Tibetan Buddhism and culture, is torn down.

     Religious behavour, such as hanging up prayer flags, celebrating Buddhist holidays, owning pictures of HH the Dalai Lama, and everything else which is an expression of a unique Tibetan culture and faith, is strictly prohibited in more and more districts of Tibet. Because of the development of digital surveillance equipments, with facial recognition devices and drones, it has become very dangerous to escape from Tibet. If caught the person often gets punished with a long prison sentence which includes hard daily torture, but just as often the escapees are killed by Chinese border-guards.

      Under Xi Jinping, the CCP has ordered all local Tibetan schools to be closed, and all Tibetan children, from the age of 4 up to the age of 18, are forced away from their parents, to live at big Chinese-led boarding schools, far away from their villages, were they are prohibited to speak Tibetan, were all teaching and communication is in Mandarin and were the children, who are tought to believe only in Xi Jinping’s “teachings”, and in the communist doctrine, are forced to recite Chinese propaganda-texts for hours every day. If the children’s parent refuse to send their children to boarding schools, they are threatened with jail and unemployment.

Beside, government employed Tibetans are prohibited to visit temples, monasteries and lamas during Buddhist holidays, and to allow their children to do it as well, and if they do, they will lose their jobs. All this is aimed to eliminate any trace of Tibetan culture and Buddhism within the Tibetan people.

Thus, as Tibetan culture and Buddhism is in danger of extinction, the Danish Tibetan Cultural Society is usually also the organizer and co-organizers of demonstrations and other campaigns for a free and independent Tibet.

You can read more about the humanitarian projects you can support through us here: http://dstk.dk/aktuelle-projekter/

If you would like to become a member, you are welcome to contact us on phone +45  20 30 38 18 and per email: tibetanskkultur@gmail.com


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